Commercial & Utility Panel Design and Performance

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Premium Quality & Top Performance

Selecting premium quality materials, combined with total automation and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process at our ISO Certified manufacturing facilities, ensures our panels offer superior quality, performance and durability. Silfab Solar is a 2021 PVEL/DNL 2021 Top Performer and our panels are rated “Excellent” on



Enhanced Durability

4000 Pa wind and 5400 Pa snow load ratings for enhanced durability in extreme weather conditions.


  • High-quality backsheet for long-lasting protection against nature’s elements.
  • White exterior reduces cell temperature, maximizes solar panels performance and reliability

Frame Features

  • High-quality black anodization for seamless roof integration
  • Engineered frame profile design for enhanced strength and rigidity
  • Tested and certified for Salt Mist exposure and Ammonia Corrosion Resistance

Glass Structure

High transparency, tempered solar glass for maximized durability and sunlight transmittance

Long-lasting Anti-reflective Glass Coating

Enhanced light capture at all incident angles (sunrise, sunset, winter)