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Our solar panels are sold through certified distribution partners across North America. If you are a homeowner or installer contact us directly and we will be sure to connect you to one of our valued partners.

American Made Solar Panels

Silfab Solar is America’s choice for premium quality, durable, high-performance solar panels. Made for the North American market means quality you can trust and customer service you can count on.

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Silfab panels are designed, engineered, and manufactured in North America. Homeowners can trust our premium quality solar panels to maximize their solar energy production, save on energy costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar panel installers are installing a Silfab solar panel on a residential home using tools.


Installers rely on our panels for their ease of installation and consistent superior performance, quality & durability, and beautiful aesthetic, backed by a company with over 40 years of experience and a local, dedicated customer support team.

Commercial & Utility

Silfab Commercial solar panels utilize leading-edge technology with the scalability and quality assurance large-scale commercial and utility projects demand to maximize energy production, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Our Certified Distribution Partners Across North America